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About Darla


Darla comes from a creative family, her mother is a self-taught fine artist, and her father can build anything. She had always been creative, but struggled to find her medium. For almost 20 years she used her creative process to solve problems in the corporate world. In 2010, after attending a Zentangle class in Atlanta, her mother-in-law sent a Zentangle kit to her, and it really opened Pandora's Box of Creativity. She became a Certified Zentangle Teacher in October 2011 and quit her corporate job in early 2012 to follow her teacher's heart and teach Zentangle. In March 2012, she opened Tangled Stones Studio in the historic Bluff Park neighborhood in Hoover, Alabama (Birmingham).  Her dream was to help others find their creative spirit through Zentangle®, Book making, Art Journaling and other classes, and to sell the products from her own creative path - pottery, handmade books, encaustic paintings and more! and more!  She also accepts custom orders for everything from creating pottery to wedding and bridal invitations.
Darla teaches classes in her studio every week to children and adults. Some days her standard poodle Sophia helps out. When she's not teaching, she often works on pottery and books and is constantly trying new techniques and products. 

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Darla lives in the same Bluff Park neighborhood where her studio is located with her husband Derek, their standard poodle Sophia and cat Jezebel.

mixed media art journal


When I opened my studio in 2012, I taught Zentangle classes and I made pottery to sell.  As I explored more medium, I added more classes!  Collage, mixed media and art journal techniques, silk dying and a lot more!

ecodye + encaustc

My Latest Exploration

I am curious and I love to learn!  While I love to help others develop their creativity, I continue to explore and build my own.  The latest media I'm working in is encaustic, which uses wax with other medium to develop very interesting layers in paintings!  I love combining it with paper that I have dyed using leaves, herbs and other natural objects in a process called ecodying.